A first in the world of sustainable fashion: environmental assessment specialist L’Empreinte and PLM editor C-DESIGN join forces to measure the environmental footprint of Lagoped’s adventure clothing, in preparation for mandatory environmental labeling in 2023.

In contrast to traditional textile brands, Lagoped has made a choice from the start to favor recycled materials and a 100% European supply chain to manufacture its outdoor clothing.

“Our commitments must be reflected in our products, in their environmental and social footprint. The labels currently used by the textile sector are not always independent and only take into account a small portion of the impacts. Consumers deserve reliable and independent information to help them understand the claims brands make”, says Christophe Cordonnier, founder of the outdoor apparel brand.

This is why Lagoped called upon L’Empreinte to evaluate the environmental footprint of its products and validate its intentions through an objective and independent assessment carried out according to the Product Environmental Footprint (PEF). Officially recommended by the European Union since December 2021, this methodological framework is the result of more than 10 years of exhaustive work under the patronage of the European Commission.

Mélinda Dubreucq, co-founder and COO of L’Empreinte, explains: “Our PEFtrust® platform makes it possible to measure the overall environmental cost of a garment, and to give it a unique and comparable score on a reference scale. When we started to evaluate a few references from the Lagoped product range, Christophe and I quickly realized that the approach would make even more sense if we applied it to the entire collection. That’s where C-DESIGN came in!”

Indeed, to measure the environmental footprint of a garment or a shoe, it is necessary to collect data on the materials, components or manufacturing processes of the product, taking care of the quantity (precision) and quality (authenticity) of the data. To achieve this for one product reference requires a good control of one’s value chain, which is the case for Lagoped which selects all its suppliers in Europe. But to scale up to a collection, it is also necessary to automate the transmission and sharing of information in order to save time and avoid data input errors. This is what C-DESIGN brings with its flexible, ergonomic, and collaborative PLM solution: a centralization of data in real time, for an optimal reliability of information.

Patrick Abbou, CEO of C-DESIGN, explains: “To meet Lagoped’s expectations, we completed the information fields entered in C-DESIGN PLM so that they matched the format expected by L’Empreinte’s environmental algorithm. This allowed us to automate the data exchange between the three partners, to accelerate and make reliable the continuous analysis on several dozen references.”

By working together to reference Lagoped’s collection, L’Empreinte and C-DESIGN intend to help brands concretely illustrate the results of the environmental commitments they share, and contribute to transmitting reliable and compliant information to consumers and citizens. Conscious of the responsibility that this entails, this transparency approach must be based on a regulated and transparent method, coupled with a good degree of traceability.


Lagoped was founded in 2018 by three mountain enthusiasts who met on the heights of the Alps. From our past experiences, we are convinced that Nature is not a supermarket or an amusement park, in which we can help ourselves indefinitely. Together, we have made it our mission to put Nature back at the heart of humanity. Often seen in the mountains, the snowbird has become our mentor. It forged the brand’s frugal DNA and iconic name.

We couldn’t find outdoor clothing that really fit us. They were always about exploiting Nature while talking about preserving it. We finally figured out how to make the most nature-friendly garment that protects us in all our adventures. Simply by not using It to make them: organic-free / wood-free / animal-free. The use of recycled materials allows us to get out of the logic of extraction of raw materials.

Our clothes are exclusively made in the European Union. To encourage short circuits of course, but above all to defend the European values that are dear to us. They are made by women and men who love freedom and with the best textile craftsmen in the world.

Together, we make Lagoped to be one with Nature. #OneWithNature  

For more information: www.lagoped.com


L’EMPREINTE is a software company specialized in the environmental analysis of apparel, footwear and fashion accessories. Based in France, L’Empreinte operates the PEFtrust® SaaS platform, which enables fashion brands to measure, monitor, improve and share the environmental footprint of their products. PEFtrust®’s evaluations rely on two pillars: the standard environmental assessment method recommended by the European Union on the one hand, and the meticulous evaluation of the quality of input data on the other. 

Thanks to its proprietary algorithm, uniquely flexible system architecture and state-of-the-art databases, PEFtrust® adapts to a wide variety of uses and volumes. L’EMPREINTE’s ambition is to become the preferred partner of Apparel and Footwear brands to eco-design their products, comply with regulations and support their environmental claims, collection after collection.

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Founded in 1998, C-DESIGN® is a creative and innovative software company specialized in the development, marketing and support of creative software solutions for the textile industry. Our mission is to provide the textile industry with efficient technologies and innovative tools that meet the needs of the major players in the industry.

The Research and Development department is continuously improving the C-DESIGN® product line in order to provide the most efficient solutions for a constantly evolving industry. C-DESIGN®‘s mission is also to offer its services. Share its knowledge in organization and internal communication, to help you optimize your work time and improve the quality and speed of information sharing between all the actors of the company. Teams gain in responsiveness, execution time, efficiency and profitability.

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