Anne Fontaine, the French fashion brand known for its elegance and sophistication, has chosen the C-DESIGN PLM solution from C-DESIGN to optimize its product development processes.

Anne Fontaine, known for her unique creations that capture the essence of Parisian women, distinguishes herself with impeccable attention to detail, exceptional materials, and impeccable craftsmanship. From sophisticated silhouettes to timeless prints, Anne Fontaine draws daily inspiration from the City of Light, Paris.

After examining various solutions offered by providers, Anne Fontaine chose C-DESIGN PLM for its ease of use and its consideration of feedback from its user community to determine its development priorities.

The goal is to meet market expectations with higher quality data, reduce time to market, and ensure the quality of its work.

C-DESIGN PLM will allow Anne Fontaine to simplify and streamline its product development processes, improving coordination and communication between different departments and partners. This will also allow the brand to better manage deadlines, costs, and product quality, thereby strengthening its position as a leader in the fashion market.

By choosing C-DESIGN PLM, Anne Fontaine demonstrates its commitment to modernizing its internal processes and continuous development as a renowned brand. This decision also reflects the brand’s commitment to quality, efficiency, and customer satisfaction.

“We are delighted to welcome Anne Fontaine among our clients, and we are confident that our PLM solution will help them achieve their product development goals and strengthen their position in the fashion market,” commented Patrick ABBOU, CEO of C-DESIGN.


Founded in 1998, C-DESIGN is a French Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software company that helps fashion brands manage their product development. C-DESIGN PLM is a system that centralizes and coordinates information related to product development, from initial ideas to commercialization.

By using C-DESIGN PLM, brands can improve the quality of their products, accelerate time to market, and reduce costs related to errors and defects. C-DESIGN PLM also allows real-time collaboration with different actors in the product development process, including designers, buyers, production managers, and suppliers.

The intuitive and user-friendly C-DESIGN PLM system provides a unique and centralized view of product information, allowing for better decision-making for product development and more efficient communication within the company.