Training on C-DESIGN Fashion


"Our trainers are all experienced fashion industry professionals who have trained thousands of people worldwide. Our team is well respected for their attention to the client’s individual needs, mentoring approach, and pedagogical skills"



Our training sessions are held at our office in the heart of Paris. We are located at Place de la République, easily accessible by public transportation. The C-DESIGN® training center provides training rooms of different sizes; each of them equipped with latest generation computers and data displays, creating a comfortable learning environment.

Training sessions can also be done onsite anywhere in the world, allowing us to train your staff in their own environment. We offer customized training based on the user’s skill level. We then asses the team and divide them into groups, depending on their role, for a fast and effective learning process.
Training can also be conducted remotely via Internet.



Much as we do for corporate and enterprise clients, Small to Mid-Size Business can also enjoy the option for onsite training or being trained at our offices. We also offer remote training via the Internet. This is the most popular method for our small & medium size businesses, because it is both convenient and economical.

Aware of the constraints and challenges faced by smaller operations, we make every effort to facilitate your purchase, installation and training. Your progress will be monitored and your team mentored by a partner who understands your business. Training will be tailored to meet the unique needs that address the essential elements of your business.


To expand the capabilities of your team, we have designed a new method for complementary training which propels users to a deeper knowledge: the "QuickLevel” training is a fast and very targeted training. Sessions are generally delivered online (1 to 2 hour sessions). The training is catered to the user environment (graphic designers, stylists, designers, product managers and merchandisers), making it more targeted n uptime much faster.

"Training practices adapted to your skill level and specific business needs."