Collection Management

made for Adobe® Illustrator® CC

Every part of C-DESIGN Collection Management
makes a contribution that directly benefits the user

A new collaborative way to use Adobe Illustrator for Fashion Industry.

Made especially for Adobe Illustrator, our Collection Management helps you manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle and line sheets, from design to production, optimizing product development processes and using a single information source.

Mac & PC compatible


Optimize the global visibility of your collection

  • Sketch, fill in the product information and create a line sheet from Adobe Illustrator CC.
  • Attractive and easy-to-use line sheets: Search engine with configurable presets for faster and synthetic results.
  • Designers, pattern makers, product managers benefit from a real-time view of the product's progress.

Sketch, fill in the product information and create a line sheet from C-DESIGN Fashion®.

Sketch, fill in the product information and create a line sheets from C-DESIGN Fashion®. 
Attractive and easy-to-use line sheets :
Search engine with configurable presets for faster and synthetic results. 
Designers, pattern makers, product managers benefit from a real-time view of the product's progress

Some samples of line sheets :


See Benefits of C-DESIGN Collection Management

C-DESIGN CM accelerates development by providing more competitive products faster and more efficiently.

Improve Communication

Collection data centralization

Share sketches and other product data such as materials, components, measurements, construction details directly in C-DESIGN Collection Management for better collaboration.

Designers can now focus more on the creative and technical aspects of product development.

Benefit from centralized information of product development cycle from design, specification sheets to production and get a faster time to market of your collection.

C-DESIGN Collection Management for Adobe Illustrator CC shortens the product development lifecycle by eliminating duplicates and rework.

Up-To-Date Information 

A real-time collection development

Interact in real time with your Adobe Illustrator CC and C-DESIGN CM to optimize your visibility on the collection.

  • All designs are updated and centralized
  • Product follow-up available in real time
  • Improve your decision-making process using updated data
  • Provides visibility of deadlines and up-to-date information on all products.


Increase Productivity

Shorten product development lifecycle

C-DESIGN CM allows to get a faster time-to-market of your products. 
Teams work more efficiently and improve their productivity by saving time on each task.

  • Reduces duplication of efforts by securely utilizing the product database.
  • Strengthens the links between the product and its components.
  • Teams get global statistics of the collection
  • Improves visibility of deadlines and development milestones for each product.
  • Deadline alerts

Personnalize your Collection Management

Easy to implement, Easy to personalize


 your data collection and product workflow are accessible anytime anywhere in the world


Want to learn more about Collection Management for Adobe® Illustrator®?
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