C-DESIGN partner of Education

"We are committed to training students in the most professional manner with a focus on quick uptime and real-life use, not theory"

C-DESIGN® develops software and services dedicated to professionals in the fashion industry. Our purpose is to provide specific and effective solutions, tailored-made to designers, stylists, buyers, product managers, production managers, and visual merchandisers. Our goal- stimulate creativity and enable a platform for quickly expressing ideas.


Today, many companies are looking for young designers who have mastered the latest technology. C-DESIGN® is committed to train students and school by developing partnerships with vocational schools, universities, and businesses.

Our intention is to provide students with career opportunities by providing them the best tools and skills the market demands.

C-DESIGN ® is actively partnering with as many schools, universities and businesses in the world as possible, t making us the leading supplier of software for the textile apparel industry. It is our obligation to provide graduates with the best tools and knowledge that will allow success in the fashion industry.

"Some fashion schools and professional colleges that have adopted our software"


Some advantages of C-DESIGN Fashion® for Students:

C-DESIGN Fashion® tools will assist you throughout your student life and in your professional career.

  • Work in a more fun way, increasing your creativity in the classroom and for projects.
  • Work with the same tools in school that companies use every day.
  • By mastering C-DESIGN Fashion® you will stand out when entering the job market.


"Help your students master professional tools"


With the addition of C-DESIGN Fashion® in the curriculum of schools and colleges you will develop a harmony all your fashion related courses, Design, Merchandising, and Manufacturing.

Communication between teachers and students becomes easier with C-DESIGN Fashion®.

Everyone working on the same software allowing for the exchange of information in the same format.

Help your students develop professional skills by mastering the tools they will need to succeed in both higher education and in the workforce.

"Schools gain an advantage when we enable professional interaction with the business world"

Throughout the year we offer different types of events at educational institutions all over the world, presenting the teaching staff our suite of solutions and professional tools that are used in the market. We partner regularly at many end-of-the year runway shows.