C-DESIGN Fashion® accompanies you throughout the garment creation process. Create, edit, organize and share your ideas. Develop technical files (Tech Packs), organize them, and share with suppliers. Manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle and line sheets, from design to production, optimizing product development processes and using a single information source.

"The new features and enhancements of C-DESIGN Fashion® make it today's MOST ADVANCED FASHION SOFTWARE in the market."


for fashion designers

"Latest Generation of design tools"

Ideal solution to create collections. Clear comprehensive interface and advanced features that allows you to save time while fully expressing your creativity.


C-DESIGN Fashion® is revolutionizing the way fashion companies work by allowing them to work with vector and bitmap in the same software. The interface has been designed to enable creative professionals to focus advantageously on their work. By adding these new features in each application; new drawing tools, materials and fabrics simulation, dynamic colors from Pantone®, technical pack creation, and visual merchandising, C-DESIGN Fashion® allows you to work quickly and effectively by adapting to the specific user needs. Draw free-hand, edit, delete and enjoy all the possibilities offered by our technology for a more accurate and fluid workflow. With a few clicks, add all textures and material effects as needed using the Bitmap technology. Make more realistic simulations than ever before.


Place and simulate fabrics into your designs. Accentuate the realism of your models using shadows, reliefs, and playing with transparency. Change the color of your fabrics. Give your products a "vintage" look using tools like effects tear, wear, used... Create your own printed fabrics, patterns, stripes, argyle, squared etc. ... apply effects in warp and weft, optimize the number of colors and erase unwanted details.
Create your artwork, patterns, and allover print in bitmap or vector. Incorporate them easily into your styles and products .


Create customized color palettes and use them in your models while sharing them with the entire creative team. Rename each color to suit your needs while retaining the RGB, CMYK, HSB, LAB or Pantone®. 



Comprehensive, structured and descriptive Technical Files


Once design process is achieved, complete development process using clear and specific technical files. Specifics C-DESIGN Fashion® tools are dedicated to the design, implementation, and the development of technical files and sharable tech packs.Insert your creations in technical file templates. Fill out materials information, measurement chart, construction detail, color matching, labelling, packaging, etc.
Our solution provides dynamic arrows, measurement boards compatible with Microsoft® Excel®, color synthesis tools, material information, intuitive tools for zooming in and highlighting specific details, section points library, and convenient inside views of large piece libraries.


C-DESIGN Fashion’s® new design concept provides users a full suite of creation and development capabilities. Many tools have been updated to provide more precision to the creative process and greater ease of use by providing assisted lines, a zoom selection, an intuitive page organizer, a guide for magnetism of points, and share these comments internally or with suppliers. The communication of technical files between brands and suppliers needs detailed and structured information. It is in this context C-DESIGN Fashion® tools contribute to the clarity of information and product description.


Technical drawing tools allow users to illustrate different views of the product. Users can add text comments, and incorporate arrows indications, section drawings and assembly, photos. All of sewing and assembly details are described in the technical file of the product.


The measurement charts included in the technical file are pre-loaded. Therefore, it is possible to enter data directly allowing immediate updates and changes to be applied to all sizes as dictated by grading rules already established by the user.


for fashion teams

"C-DESIGN Fashion® is equipped with a fully integrated PLM system.
Our powerful solution will manage the complete product lifecycle, from design to production."

Easy to set-up, C-DESIGN Collection Management provides designers creative flexibility to manage collections from sketch to production, and collaborate with teams within C-DESIGN Fashion®. Designers sketch products and create technical packages within their favorite interface, and access products information used by the rest of the product development team.

"C-DESIGN Collection Management helps you manage all aspects of the product development lifecycle and line sheets, from design to production, optimizing product development processes and using a single information source."


Share sketches and other product data such as materials, components, measurements, construction details directly in C-DESIGN CM for better collaboration.

Designers can now focus more on the creative and technical aspects of product development.

Benefit from centralized information of product development cycle from design, specification sheets to production and get a faster time to market of your collection.

C-DESIGN Collection Management shortens the product development lifecycle by eliminating duplicates and rework.


Interact in real time with C-DESIGN Fashion® to optimize your visibility on the collection.

Improve your decision-making process using updated data.
All designs are updated and centralized.
Product follow-up available in real time.
Provides visibility of deadlines and up-to-date information on all products.

Sketch, fill in the product information and create a line sheet from C-DESIGN Fashion®.

Sketch, fill in the product information and create a line sheets from C-DESIGN Fashion®. Attractive and easy-to-use line sheets: Search engine with configurable presets for faster and synthetic results. Designers, pattern makers, product managers benefit from a real-time view of the product's progress

Some samples of line sheets :


"C-DESIGN CM accelerates development by providing more competitive products faster and more efficiently. »



Shorten product development lifecycle.

C-DESIGN Fashion® allows to get a faster time-to-market of your products. 
Teams work more efficiently and improve their productivity by saving time on each task.

  • Reduces duplication of efforts by securely utilizing the product database.
  • Strengthens the links between the product and its components.
  • Teams get global statistics of the collection.
  • Improves visibility of deadlines and development milestones for each product.
  • Deadline alerts

The information is centralized in a unique and intuitive interface, fully integrated into your drawing software, giving users great flexibility while structuring all the information in the collection.



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