The fashion house Tara Jarmon chose to trust C-DESIGN.

Tara Jarmon used the C-DESIGN Fashion solution to organize the creation of the collections as the seasons go by.

The collections are now digitized thanks to C-DESIGN Fashion’s drawing and technical file creation tools.


Tara Jarmon :


An encounter between a businessman, DAVID JARMON, and a young and lovely Canadian student, TARA. They combined their TALENTS and gave birth to a project: a line of women’s READY-TO-WEAR clothing. While he manages the business, she is in charge of the design and and gives the brand her NAME and SPIRIT. A brand is born: TARA JARMON. Since 1986.


The look is “chic” with a very FEMININEand MODERN twist. Tara Jarmon is a brand that loves playful COLOURS and PRINTSas well as architectural shapes where FANTASY is a key word. Pattern Makers, Designers and Quality Controllers are all working with an attention to every DETAIL. The EXCLUSIVE PRINTS are drawn and developed IN-HOUSE, the pieces are assembled firstly in calico according to an “ARTISANAL KNOW-HOW.”

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