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Maison Kitsuné has chosen its PLM: C-DESIGN PLM

This fast-growing brand has chosen a solution that can adapt quickly and support its teams efficiently. This solution is the all-in-one solution C-DESIGN Fashion offered by C-DESIGN, which includes a software for fashion design, technical files and C-DESIGN PLM. C-DESIGN® supports Maison Kitsuné’s teams throughout the garment creation process. They can handle every aspect of the product development cycle, from design to production, optimizing product development processes and using a single source of information.

C-DESIGN meets the requirements of dynamic brands like Maison Kitsuné that need to increase their responsiveness to the needs of the market, accelerate the development of products and all by reducing production costs. This dynamic brand has naturally chosen a PLM in its image: The C-DESIGN PLM.

Thanks to the speed of implementation and responsiveness of the teams to the particular demands of different ready-to-wear brands, C-DESIGN PLM is a PLM Cloud particularly suitable for small and medium enterprises (SMB).


Maison Kitsuné – Maison Kitsune website

Created in 2002 by Gildas Loaëc and Masaya Kuroki, Maison Kitsuné offers a unique, inspirational Art de Vivre blending a fashion brand (Maison Kitsuné), music label (Kitsuné Musique) and coffee shops (Café Kitsuné). Over the last sixteen years, the multi-faceted Paris-meets-Tokyo brand has consistently grown and increased its international influence organically, building a loyal fan base all over the world.

Your new favorite animal!

“Maison” is the French word for “house, and “Kitsuné” is the Japanese word for “fox”, a symbol of versatility. Legend has it, the fox possesses the power to change its appearance, just like Maison Kitsuné knows how to adapt its repertoire according to inspiration. Since the brand’s inception, this mythical animal has been Maison Kitsuné’s signature logo, fluidly working its way in, here and there – and of course, shifting faces along the way. The blue-white-red colorway is the fox’s most famous uniform, as it captures the very essence of the Maison Kitsuné Parisien lifestyle.

Seasonal ready-to-wear collection

Season after season, Maison Kitsuné showcases its contemporary vision of fashion influenced by Paris and Tokyo. The Maison Kitsuné man and woman resonate with this perfect balance between comfort and simplicity, laid-back cool and au courant sophistication. While the “classics” are constantly reinvented, giving the collections a sense of timelessness, the daring and playful mix of colors, prints and fabrics anchor them firmly in the Zeitgeist. With a passion for quality, all things beautiful and a keen eye for detail and finish, Maison Kitsuné has a unique savoir-faire.

Maison Kitsuné Parisien collection

Maison Kitsuné Parisien collection redefines the modern Parisian’s silhouette for both men and women. Offering a city chic and laid-back wardrobe for the everyday, the assortment consists of elevated staples in timeless colors adorned with the brand’s signature tricolor fox logo and printed with French slogans such as Parisien and Parisienne, amongst others.

Source : Maison Kitsune