"C-DESIGN Fashion® is equipped with a fully integrated PLM system. Our powerful solution will manage the complete product lifecycle, from design to production."

C-DESIGN Fashion®

"Plan, develop, organize, sort, search and share your entire collection data"
  • Reduces duplication of efforts by securely utilising the product database.
  • Strengthens the links between the product and its components.
  • Improves visibility of deadlines and development milestones for each product.
  • Improves the decision making process using updated data.
  • Deadlines alerts
"Draw and manage the complete product lifecycle "
  • Collaborative and real-time product development mode.
  • Improved, effective, and more productive teamwork because of saving time and having visibility to projects.
  • Designers, pattern makers, product and brand managers, all have a real-time product development progress overview.
  • Centralized data collection from product design to production.


Search Products

«Direct access to the search engine with configurable presets for faster and synthetic results.»

Product Sheet

« Detailed visibility on product specifications, updated information in real time to minimize risks. »

  • All designs are centralized and available anytime.
  • Clarification of product requirements and the association with the correct components.
  • Better decision making process.
  • Products are always updated creating a dynamic collection book.
  • Increases visibility level and accessibility using a robust data search engine.
  • Monitor and validate that product quality meets brand guidelines and standards.
  • Easy to use interface INTEGRATED in C- DESIGN Fashion®.
"Interact in real-time with C- DESIGN Fashion® and your PLM to increase your productivity."


An intuitive interface










"Information shared by an integrated communication system."

Share information in real-time with a single user or with a company department (designers, product managers, ...) with our integrated communication system.