Virtuality Fashion


Bring your sketch to live by utilising our 3D Virtual Simulation online service. Just upload your sketch and we will do the rest. Once your model will be uploaded to our server as a 3D simulation, you will be able to share it with your team, make online annotations and have our team correct your model accordingly. Approve your design before sewing even one physical prototype. Once you’re ready, we will simulate the entire style for you in Hi Res.

virtualise 2D vs 3D


Based on the approved 3D Virtual Prototypes and parameters such as fabric texture, colours, trim and size we will create a high resolution 3D simulation to help designers present the entire style or collection. These simulations are so realistic that they can be used for online sales as well as marketing purposes.


Use our unique Virtual Showroom platform to globally share your collections with your team, suppliers and buyers. Have their feedback during the development process and voting when planning your collections. Save money and time, reduce new collections introduction lead time. Our Virtual Showroom can be personalised according to your brand guidelines to better reflect your fashion statement.
Virtual Showroom



3D Virtual Prototyping can be used as the input for creating 2D files to support production. This method can reduce time and errors in the process of converting designs to CAD files.