C-DESIGN Fashion

Creative software for the fashion industry

Creating and managing collections of apparel

BOOST style creation
GENERATE tech packs and 3D virtual simulations
CONTROL your design and development.

C-DESIGN Fashion® is a software solution for creating and managing apparel design and collection development.
« A unique tool for style creation, development of technical files, management of collection process (PLM) and visual merchandising. Now with our integrated 3D virtual simulation service you will enjoy more accurate production results, simplify the product development process, and use virtual prototyping to reduce cost.»

« A unique tool for style creation, technical files development and collection management »

the process from garment creation, styling, modelling, computer generated graphics and even provides tools for visual merchandising. Create, edit, organize and share your creations. Develop your technical files, organize them and share them with your supply chain. Simulate and layout your own virtual store or create virtual catalogues and collections.

You will love the speed, ease of use, and flexibility with which you will see your creative work become a reality.

For many years brands have used C-DESIGN Fashion® tools to create their models for Design, Technical Files as well as developing graphic prints, set up screen printing etc. ...

Minimum System Requirements:

Warning: your V4 is not compatible with Windows®8 and Windows®10

Contact the sales department to upgrade to V5

PC : Windows® 7 32 and 64bits  > Windows® 10
Intel Core i7 (5th generation)
RAM: 8 Go RAM (4 Go RAM minimum)
Hard disk: SSD or 7200 Tr
Graphic card: 2 Go (1 minimum non shared)
Screen resolution: 1280 x 1024 and more

Mac Intel® 10.10 : Your Mac Intel® must be equipped with a programme such as "Parallels Desktop®" + Windows®